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Bowing with Wholistic Awareness

全覺能 鞠躬


Richard Moh 莫仁維

Bob Chang 張尊堡


圖片來源/ Richard Moh 莫仁維

On 16th March 2024, my father, Dr. Za-Chieh Moh, passed away at the age of 93 due to the unexpected turn of cold to pneumonia.   It was a shocking news to many of his friends as many saw him in good health only a month before.   On 12th April, we carried out his funeral and on 13th April, his urn was buried next to my mother.   During the one month of passing, my father’s friends from all over the world – Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe and USA and more - poured in messages of sadness, encouragement and fondness of the touching memories they have had with him.   He was a giant in the civil engineering field, bringing in lasting positive effects to the industry and many professional societies, companies and individuals.    He played his most possible responsible role as a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, colleague, professor, boss, companion, mentor, teacher, guest, and friend.  He acted as a humble leader, contributing selflessly to the well-being of the society through his profession as the pioneer of geotechnical engineering in Asia.  Some called him the godfather of geotechnical in Taiwan if not Asia, but he never looked much upon the word.  He has interacted with countless of people spanning many generations from ages 0 to the 90s.   He lived every moment of his life to the fullest, shining upon his wisdom to others, upholding the fighting spirit without any fear whilst always helping people, and he had always opened his heart to listen and learn.  


Before the public funeral, we held a temporarily altar.  Many friends came to pay their respects.   As many as 250 people came during the first few days.   And on 13th April, during the public funeral, over 140 institutes, associations, government departments, ministries, schools, companies came, accounting over 800 people. In this one month, I and along with my brother and sister and family members, have bowed to all those who came to pay their respects.  


In the beginning, bowing to me was more for the sake of custom.  However, on the first day, many people poured in.   As they approached the altar, when they saw the classic smiling picture of my dad, they couldn’t hold their tears any longer and emotions overcame them.  As I knew most of the people who came, I realized that the bowing custom is not “a required” thing to do, but instead I realized that bowing, as his children, was the gesture to recognize and appreciate their relationships with my dad. 


I bowed to say thank you for coming.

I bowed knowing who you are and why you came 

I bowed because I saw you and heard you

I bowed to say thank you and that we will let go of any unhappy event that may have had happened between you and him

I bowed to say thank you for your memories with him.

I bowed to cry as I will miss him. 

I bowed with tears knowing how he touched you and how you missed him.

I bowed with tears saying thank you for bringing your warmth to me and my family


I bowed for the grace of god

I bowed to say thank you for being a genuine friend, colleague, etc.

I bowed to say thank you for supporting my dad 

I bowed for my dad’s elegance and compassion

I bowed to say, “let us carry on and transpire my dad’s spirit and warmth to all those around us”


I bowed to an end of an era and the beginning of a new era

I bowed for the sins that I need to improve

I bowed to throw away the impatience that I have

I bowed with humility 

I bowed to learn to be humble

I bowed to say I have so much more to learn from everyone

I bowed to my dad who is the role model for a leader, a mentor, a father, a son, etc.


I bowed to say, “dad, rest assure, I know the roles I am and will be playing”

I bowed to say “I am ready”

I bowed with an empty mind 

I bowed to “always be sincere” to all those around us. 

I bowed to know when to bend down

I bowed knowing I shall bow within my heart 

I bowed to let go and be empty.

I bowed to thank the strength I gained from all that has happened.

I bowed to give my wishes that we shall all live fearlessly and fully

I bowed to wish for future generations to gain the wisdoms of a giant who I have got to known.   


Throughout the countless of bowing (maybe over 600 times), unexpected revelations and insights came about.  From the physical pain resulting from long period of standing, to emotional reactions, all the way to the point of emptying the mind (虛化), seeing without overreacting but seeing with focus, hearing without overreacting but hearing with stability, standing without pain but standing with emptiness.  Because of the overwhelming number of bows, I could only use what I have learned from Daoyin to cope with the large number of people and instead of causing distress physically and emotionally, I turned the situation as a way to 造化 and improve.  











































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